Periodontal Disease Treatments By Our Springfield Periodontist

Good oral hygiene results in healthy teeth and a functional smile. But if individuals do not floss or brush regularly, they are at risk for developing periodontal disease, which can hurt the smile in serious ways. At our practice, we have treatments which can treat the symptoms of periodontal disease to help patients avoid tooth loss and bone decay. Dr. Chimata and her dental team is experienced in providing dental care to patients in need of periodontal treatment. Brookfield Dental Associates equips patients in Springfield, Alexandria, and Lorton to have full, healthy smiles free of periodontal disease. 

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that live between our teeth and on our gums. If left alone, this bacteria leaves behind plaque, and can infect gums. The early stages of the infection is called gingivitis, where gums are red and swollen. It advances in severity when plaque turns into tartar, and the bacteria move beneath the gums. This is when tooth decay, bone deterioration, and tooth loss ensue.

We want to prevent an outcome where teeth have to be extracted, and so we provide deep cleanings to patients. Our Springfield patients may be able to identify periodontal disease if experiencing the following symptoms: 

• Receding gums, showing the tooth root
• Sensitive, bleeding gums
• Loose teeth
• Stained, decaying teeth
• Mild to severe oral discomfort

Treating Your Smile in Springfield

After a thorough examination and an evaluation from our periodontist, we begin treatment with a deep cleaning, which removes plaque and bacteria beneath the gums and on the surfaces of affected teeth. From there, we continue to keep the smile clean with more frequent light cleanings, and we monitor treatment progress. Depending on each patient, the treatment may save teeth from extraction. Our mission during this process is to keep clean teeth healthy, ensuring their longevity within the smile.

If we cannot save teeth, the method of treatment becomes extraction and replacement. Patients can choose from custom made bridges or dentures, which will give the confidence of a full smile. Another option is to have dental implants placed and restored with porcelain restorations, but this treatment depends on the strength of the jaw bone. In any case, we are committed to providing patients solutions to their dental problems, restoring self-confidence in the smile. 

Contact Brookfield Dental Associates for Comprehensive Treatment

We want to help any patient suffering from discomfort and periodontal disease. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Chimata, delivers gentle dental treatments alongside her dental team in Springfield, Alexandria, and Lorton. Call us to schedule your next appointment; we look forward to seeing you.

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